A company with customer support, reliability and hardware built into the foundations.

 What's Enoctus About?

We are a UK based web hosting provider with the main purpose to provide a simple, easy to use and premium website hosting experience. With a 100% UK based management and team, we have been able to achieve tandem in the workflow with our customers. To create the perfect hosting solution, you need to provide perfect customer service. The core of our business is customer service and satisfaction, not just the product. We work with clients from every corner of the globe from start to finish ensuring every goal is in reach for their new project.

With years of experience in industry, our dedicated sales team can assist with your new business venture to help make it happen. We also work with Freelance Web and Graphic Designers to ensure that your website is not only hosted on the best network, but stands out from your competitors around the globe.

 Meet the Management

Erik S

Director, Infrastructure

Luke G

Director, Business Operations

Billy L

Director, Development

 Our UK Office